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Онлайн-бизнес платформа со встроенной CRM-системой

Unique B2B platform comvscom with an integrated INOWUS CRM

Россия, Сахалинская область
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This platform and CRM system was developed from scratch. They are based on a common powerful core, so they are one of a kind.
The platform's functionality is similar to the largest recruiting sites (vacancies/resumes).
The capabilities of the INOWUS CRM system allow to configure the relationship between the platform and record keeping of the workflow in such a way that potential employees of the platform can be directly employed by employers, using all the available functionality. Cooperation between companies is based on the same principle.

Текущее состояние

The current project is a Startup. Working product. We are looking for an investor to develop our project.


Online platform for business ComvsCom is not limited to any one market, because It’s able to cover any spheres of activity thanks to the ticket system developed and implemented in it (application registration system). Formation of registration of applications and orders is carried out not only within the company, but also between any companies, as well as between partners within the platform. The interconnection of the functionality of all available capabilities is involved. (The reference relationship of all objects and entities of the main modules of the CRM system with each other for detailed accounting is organized).

Проблема или Возможность

The work of the INOWUS CRM system is based on the formation of registration of applications (ticket system), orders, distribution within the company, as well as between partners within the platform. It provides tracking and control over the execution of all work, interaction and communication with orders thanks to a notification system and a task scheduler.
The main task of the INOWUS CRM system is to organize the relationship of partners of different industries with each other, as well as the automation of relationships for successful business.

Решение (Продукт или Услуга)

Today, a huge amount of different software with different functionality for your own needs is available on the IT market. Each software product is unique in its own way and is capable of performing the tasks assigned to it. At the moment, our world seeks to automate business processes to save precious time and maximize productivity. Our idea was to combine several closely related functions, thereby simplifying the work for users and business owners. Therefore, the goal of the project was to create a platform with additional functions required for different areas of business. In this case, several directions were used: 1) Personnel accounting (Vacancies/Resumes) 2) Automation of strategies for interaction with customers (Inowus CRM system) 3) Placement of advertising blocks.
The main task of our project is to combine the above areas into one global unified system that automates the work of divisions (departments, services) in one place. A business can look for new clients, and people can find any job, and they all have the opportunity to work on the platform. Companies post vacancies, recruit jobseekers, build relationships, and look for business partners. Our unique Inowus (Internet of Work Universal System) CRM system, developed from scratch, does it all perfectly.


The main, but not direct competitors of our software are such sites as hh.ru, superjob.ru, rabota.ru, which are engaged in job search and personnel selection; amocrm.ru, bitrix24.ru, megaplan.ru in terms of CRM system operation. The advantage of our platform over competitors is the organization of the work of all employees and partner companies into a single space remotely, which will greatly facilitate your business and significantly increase any indicators and results. The more clients and users (people) are on the platform, the more the use of various integrations is minimized, and this is a huge plus to the stability of any system, because malfunctions are possible in case of instability of integrations. The main distinguishing feature of all such CRM systems of this line is the presentation of data in tabular form (such as MS EXCEL), which, in our opinion, is more convenient and practical to use.

Преимущества или дифференциаторы

The Inowus CRM system, built from scratch, is an integral part of the ComvsCom online business platform. It's not designed to work in a single company as an independent CRM system and can only work on a single information service, and therefore it's unique in its kind. The source codes of the platform are stored only by me and on the Reg.ru test server with minimized js scripts to demonstrate the work of the site.


The backend of the platform is developed in pure PHP 7.4 from scratch. It works with MySQL databases. The platform is compatible with MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0. The frontend is developed using the jqWidjets library (purchased for 400 conventional units), as well as jQuery and js (javsscript)
Technical estimate of the project cost with all the costs of human-hours of programmers.
90 days, 10 hours every day - 900 hours (summer 2020)
150 days, 10 hours every day, 2 days off every week - 5*4*2*10 = 400 hours (weekends only, from January to May 2020)
150 days, 5 working days each, 3 hours after work = 5*4*5*3 = 300 hours (from January to May 2020, only after work on weekdays)
Total 1600 hours. The error is +- 50 hours only for the development of this software
60 days of testing and bug fixing, an average of 6 hours per day (September-October 2020)
Total 360 hours. The error is +- 50 hours for testing.
The total work of the programmer is - 1600+360=1960 hours
Approximate number of lines of source code = 29,000
The error is +- 100 hours
The cost of 1 hour of web development in PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. is on average from 2000 rubles (level)
Link to the resource: https://www.kadrof.ru/articles/46641
The total average cost on the market:
2250*1900 = 4 275 000 rubles - the average cost of a Middle-level programmer for this project.
Also SEO optimization - about 10 days, 6 hours each with setting up metrics and analytics (November 2020).
60 hours = 2250*60 = 135,000 rubles
The total cost of a programmer for the development of the site was approximately 4,500,000 rubles.
We don't take into account 30 days for server setup, because the server does not belong to the platform.
Also, the work of third-party programmers (integration with external mailboxes), copywriter, lawyers, designer and testers of this software is not taken into account. And this is at least another 500-700 thousand rubles.
Total minimum cost is 5,000,000 rubles (this is the cost price of this software)
Domain duration on the market is 1 year.
ICS amounted to 20 for 3 months of platform operation from 09/25/2020 to 12/29/2020. After that, the server was shut down on 02/01/2021. It's currently working in demo mode on another server.
We are also considering attracting investments in the amount of 20,000,000 rubles per year with a maximum payback period of the product of 2 years.


Daily visit 100 people

Целевое назначение инвестиций

For the development of the project, the following investments are required:
Office rent - 80-100 thousand rubles/month
Office equipment to the office - 600 thousand rubles
Furniture - 100-150 thousand rubles
Server rent - 15 thousand rubles/month (it's better to buy your own server - at least 600 thousand rubles)
Minimum staff: director-1, programmer-2, system administrator-1, copywriter-1, lawyer-1, manager-3, marketer (with piecework salary), accountant (with piecework salary), technical support specialist-2.
Salaries based on this staff/month:
Director - 100 thousand rubles/month with an increase in salary after 3 months to 150 thousand rubles/month
Programmer, system administrator, copywriter - 60 thousand rubles/month with an increase in salary after 3 months to 80 thousand rubles/month
Manager - 40 thousand rubles/month with an increase in salary after 3 months to 60 thousand ruble/month
Lawyer - 50 thousand rubles/month with an increase in salary after 3 months to 70 thousand rubles/month
Technical support specialist - 50 thousand rubles without an increase in salary during the year
The salary of a marketer and an accountant depends on the work they do.
Future costs for platform development:
5) Advertising campaign - 300 thousand rubles/month, (12*300 = 3600 for one year)
6) Force majeure circumstances - 2 million rubles
7) The founders' salary for one year - 2.4 million rubles
8) Taxes - 400 thousand
The approximate plan was calculated for 1 year, based on which at least 20,000,000 rubles is required for the development of the ComvsCom online platform for business.

Предложение инвестору

Dear partner. My name is Alexander Valerievich. I'm the owner of the online business platform ComvsCom. I'm looking for an investor to develop this platform.
I have a request to you not to disregard my letter and read it to the end.
This platform was developed from scratch in 2020 and was put into operation in September of the same year, but the project had to be suspended by the end of the year due to lack of necessary investments. The platform has been operating in test mode since February 2021. You can view the online business platform at the following address: https://comvscom.com/
Two people took part in the creation of our platform, and third parties for an additional fee were involved as needed during the past year (freelance services). Alexey Gennadievich is a programmer, developer of this software product with extensive experience and higher education in this field, and me, Alexander Valerievich, is the owner of this platform. I have a law degree. The solution of all organizational and legal issues remains with me, and all technical issues are within the competence of Alexei Gennadievich.

Команда или Руководство


Фото 1 - Unique B2B platform comvscom with an integrated INOWUS CRM
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Startup.Network прекращает свою работу в Российской Федерации.

В сложившейся ситуации компания не видит возможности продолжать работу в стране-агрессоре, которая угрожает сегодня как Украине, так и всему миру.

Санкционная политика международной платформы означает:

  • Остановку сайта ru.startup.network. Стартапы из РФ больше не смогут размещать свои заявки на поиск инвестиций на нашей платформе.
  • Остановку проведение Unicorn Pitches Russia. Это значит, что мы больше не будем проводить Unicorn.Events на территории России и допускать стартапы, которые физически находятся на территории РФ, к нашему всемирному конкурсу. Также в жюри не смогут участвовать VC, которые находятся на территории РФ или не выступают против вторжения России на Украину.
  • Остановку приема денег из Российской Федерации в наш Синдикатный Фонд.
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